Workout Plans

How to Take Care of Your Health

Many people take vitamins and supplements in the autumn and winter to make sure that their immune system is strong enough to deal with colds and viruses. However, for many, the lack of exercise still causes trouble. You need to understand that the majority of supplements and vitamins are not designed to replace a healthy lifestyle. You need to eat loads of vitamin from natural sources and do at least 2 hours of exercise to remain healthy. Below you will find some tips from on how to break your bad habits and stay young for a long time, both mentally and physically.

Reduce Carbohydrates
While doctors have not confirmed yet, many people say that too many carbs (white bread, white rice, and cakes) can negatively affect one’s immune system. You should replace high carbohydrate containing foods with vegetables and fruit that contains natural, unprocessed carbs. Green beans, baked beans, peas, and other vegetables will be a great choice, as they contain many minerals your body needs to fight illnesses. If you like your sandwich, you could use rice crackers or cakes, or simply replace white bread with wholegrain products. Sweet potatoes are great alternatives for traditional chips, and a salad as a side dish is always healthier than pita bread.

Increase Exercise
exerciseIf you do not have a lot of time for exercise, you should set up a schedule in the morning. Morning yoga can increase your heart rate, help you wake up, and get you ready for the day. Consider walking a distance to work or to school every day, too. Even if you have to take the car, train, or bus, you can park it down further from your destination and walk. If you work in an office, make sure that you plan for a walk during your lunch break. Even if you only walk to the park to eat your sandwich, it will help you increase your metabolic rate. Likewise, if you do at least 5-10 minutes of exercise before your evening shower, you will sleep better and digest the food consumed in the evening more efficiently.

Get Fresh Air
It is not easy to leave the house when the weather is miserable, but you have to make an effort. Without fresh air, your body will age faster. You need oxygen, and plenty of it. Consider sitting in an air conditioned office all day: your immune system will be weakened. Vitamin D can only be absorbed through the skin from the rays of the sun. Even when it is dark and cloudy, one hour of walking outdoors can get you enough Vitamin D for the day. This vitamin is essential for the immune system and the absorption of Calcium. You might take a lot of Calcium tablets, but without Vitamin D, your body can make no use of them.